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Mice and Rats cages
Hot Plate
Analgesia Hot Plate
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Forced Running Wheels

Mice & Rats Cages for Pharmacy Lab

Crocus scientific Trading is Manufacturer and Supplier Of Mice & Rats Cages for pharmacy-lab. Animal welfare and meeting research requirements in Universities and Research Centers in Pakistan ,however crocus is also ideal partner at your side for your housing needs.generally we also provide solutions for any conventional housing requirement, designed for husbandry ,because it meet hygiene needs, occupational health and safety requirements.Therefore everything undergoes the top quality check to deliver the reliability you expect from us. .Many Universities Through out Pakistan including G.C University Faisalabad, Punjab University Lahore , U.V.A.S Lahore, University Of Haripur are using our cages.
Furthermore we are manufacturers Mice & Rats Cages for pharmacy-lab and developers of products for life science animal research. and we are also providing a wide range of solutions for studying behavior and physiology in small laboratory animals.Meanwhile we also provide equipment on study of Anxiety ,Drugs screening , phenotype , Fear and Emotion. including Analgesic drug screening , Basal pain sensitivity , diseases related to aging Alzheimer.Constant upgrading and re-engineering of our products in order to maintain quality and reliability.above all our products are developed with the daily experimental process in mind.


Meanwhile For a long-lasting products including Mice &Rats cages and racks for cages. In Experimental equipment we have Light & Dark Box , Hole Board Apparatus,Elevated Maze Plus,Y Elevated Maze, Social Chamber ,Analgesia Hot Plate ,Forced Running Wheels including Open field ,tail suspension test,Oral Gavage Needles, Feeding Bottles and Electro-Convulsometer,Metabolic Cages.

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