Syntus Vacuum Sealer Bags, 300 Gallon 11″ x 16″ and Quart 8″ x 12″ and Pint 6″ x 10″ Commercial Grade PreCut Bag, Food Vac Bags for Storage, Meal Prep or Sous VideFebruary 20, 2024

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Syntus Vacuum Seal Bags for Food Syntus Vacuum Seal Bags for FoodSyntus Vacuum Seal Bags for Food Why choose us ?

These vacuum bags are popular because they allow you to preserve your foods to perfect condition, which works with all vacuum sealer machine. It always keeps your meal longer so you don’t waste it.

Works with All Vacuum Sealers MachineWorks with All Vacuum Sealers Machine Suitable for All Vacuum Sealers Machines !

Syntus vacuum sealer rolls and vacuum sealer bags for food are designed for matching all vacuum seal machines. Especially suitable for use as sous vide bags or seal a meal bags.

High Quality Detail Precut DesignPrecut Design Precut Design

No cutting is required for each use, only one edge needs to be sealed with a vacuum.

Premium MaterialPremium Material Premium Material

Each bag is 4 mil thick and made of food grade BPA free material. Provides healthy and reassuring storage.

Embossed DottedEmbossed Dotted Embossed Dotted

One side embossed channel and transparent on the other, provide strong suction and sealing, keep food from puncturing the vacuum bag.

Easy-tear SlitEasy-tear Slit Easy-tear Slit

Each individual bag is designed with an easy tear opening, which allows you to tear the bag open and take out the contents directly when needed.

6X longer food shelf life lock freshness6X longer food shelf life lock freshness

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Quantity and Size

4 Roll 8″x20′ + 4 Roll 11″x20′

100 Count Gallon Size 11″x16″

3 Roll 11″ x 20′

2 Roll 8″ x 50′

1 Roll 8″ x 150′

150 Count Combo Pack

30 Count 13″ x 21″ Large Size

BPA Free

Sous Vide

Freezer storage


Works with All Types of Vacuum Sealers: These vacuum sealer bags are designed for matching all vacuum sealer machines. Simple operation, convenient to use.
PreCut Design: Total 300 count 11″ x 16″ gallon size and 8″ x 12″ quart size and 6″ x 10″ pint size pre-cut bags. Just pull out and use; no need to cut, no need to seal one side before putting food in.
Puncture Prevention: With single side embossed dotted increases suction and prevents bones from piercing; high-tenacity material provides an air isolated environment and keeps food fresh for longer.
Safe Material: BPA-free material with assured, perfect for food storage. Suitable for microwave oven, cabinet, fridge, or freezer storage, in addition to boiling, sous vide cooking, and more.
Wide Range of Application: Archive nutrition and fresh from extending the shelf life, storage for vegetables, seafood, ribs, beans, and pills; these food sealer vacuum bags work well for various purposes. Reduce food waste and manage them reasonably.