Motel Mouse Humane Mouse Traps No Kill Live Catch and Release 2 Pack – Reusable, Easy to Use & Clean, No Touch Release, Sensitive Includes Cleaning Brush, Instruction Manual & Video – Mousetrap IndoorFebruary 29, 2024

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Humane Mouse TrapsHumane Mouse Traps

Welcome to Motel Mouse!

The Original Humane Mouse Trap. An ethical and compassionate approach to dealing with a mouse problem.

Motel Mouse LogoMotel Mouse Logo

At Motel Mouse, our philosophy is simple yet powerful: “Happiness for you and the world around you.”

We recognize that harmonious coexistence is not just limited to human beings but extends to all living creatures.

By using our humane mouse traps, you embrace a more compassionate approach to dealing with these tiny visitors.

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WORRY-FREE CATCH & RELEASE – Our No Kill Mouse Traps are designed to capture mice in a stress-free and non-cruel way. With extra air holes and plenty of space for the mouse, these traps provide a comfortable space & a compassionate solution.
NO STRESS AROUND KIDS & PETS – Easy set up that only takes a minute and can be used around the home without concerns about accidents. Non killing trap, secure & friendly for kid, cat, dog, hamster, animals. Mouse tube trap, no hurt mice.
THE COMPLETE PACKAGE – Comes with a cleaning brush, tips & tricks, instruction booklet and video guide. Everything you need to become a master mouse catcher in no time! You get all the tools and knowledge you need for successful, humane catching.
NO TOUCH RELEASE – With the Motel Mouse No Touch Release you can release the rodent without ever having to come into contact with it. Our specially designed mechanism ensures a smooth release, allowing you to handle the trap with confidence and ease.
COST-EFFECTIVE – A smart, long-lasting solution for humane rodent control that saves you money. After releasing your catch, simply clean the trap with hot water, soap and the included cleaning brush, and you’ll be ready for your next catch.