Microscope for Kids – 100X 400X 1200X Beginner Microscopes kit with LED Light, Include 12PCS Sample Prepared Slides, Science Educational Gift and Toy for Boy&Girl Birthday Halloween ChristmasFebruary 6, 2024

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8 Pieces Nail Magnet Tool Set

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EXPLORE AND LEARN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: A lightweight microscope for kids comes with adjustable LED illumination, enabling kids to embark on scientific adventures and inspire a lifelong passion for discovery in any environment, from the backyard to the classroom. Kids will love this microscope with its large focusing knob, soft-touch eyepieces and adjustable stage that makes it easy to keep specimens properly placed. This is a world exploration and science discovery toy designed for kids to get up.
GIFT IDEAS- This range of microscope slides, beautifully packaged, makes a great gift for young family members venturing into biology research and starting a biology course, the perfect gift for an inspiring young scientist. This engaging children’s microscope set fosters curiosity and encourages learning, making it an ideal gift to promote growth.
PRACTICAL EDUCATIONAL TOOL – This 100X-2000X Biological Microscope is designed to help students/children/adults/beginners/amateur scientists/hobbyists explore the wonderful world of life. It is the best choice for all of you. It is the ideal microscope for home study, school and laboratory learning.
COMPLETE SCIENCE EXPERIMENTATION KIT – 8-12 kids will be able to perform a multitude of science experiments, and kids will get the most out of their microscope with the included lab guide, which contains viewing activities for several different types of specimens, investigating the world around them like a real scientist!
12 PREPARED SLIDES- Our selection of 12 microscope slides featuring plant, insect, and animal tissues will keep your child entertained for hours as they observe different cellular structures and explore the microscopic world. These specimens are fascinating educational science tools for students or homeschoolers, making them excellent teaching aids for biology.
Package Includes: Boxed glass, Blank labels, Tweezers, Plastic utensils, Collection bottleX2, Prepared slides X12