DADHI Patient Care Manikin Demonstration Genitals and Bedsore Modules for Training Teaching Medical SuppliesMarch 1, 2024

Price: $1,253.98
(as of Mar 01, 2024 18:18:27 UTC – Details)

Material: PVC
Weight: 33lb/15kg
Dimensions: 5.5ft/170cm

Practice Items
Clean hair & face
Clean eyes & ears, drop medicine
Oral care, denture care
Oronasal endotracheal intubation
Tracheotomy care
Oxygen inhalation method
Sputum suction care
Nasogastric gavage
Thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, liver cavity, bone marrow, lumbar puncture
First aid for external chest cardiac resuscitation
Arm vein puncture, injection, transfusion
Subcutaneous injection of deltoid muscle
Lateral femoral muscle injection
Male and female catheterization & bladder irrigation
Buttocks intramuscular injection
Structure of the vital organs of the abdominal cavity
Wipe the bath, wear clothes

Package List
1 * Nursing Manikin
4 * Decubitus Module
2 * Piercing Module
2 * Genitals(male, female)
9 * Trauma module
1 * Urinary Catheter
1 * Infusion Tool
1 * Anal Strip
1 * Patient Gown
1 * Operation Instruction
1 * Storage bag
Nursing skills training manikin has been widely used as a teaching aid, it is widely used in clinical, emergency and nurses’ routine training. This full-featured nursing manikin imitates the normal posture and range of physiological activity of the human body as much as possible, which helps nursing medical training
Medical Training Mannequin suitable for nursing teaching in health, nursing schools and medical colleges schools, hospitals, medical institutions, career technical center, fire rescue, home care at all levels. It a good helper to improve nursing skills. Any question, please contact us before write review, you will get satisfied reply and solution
Nursing Manikin is made of environmental protection PVC, and the joints use stainless steel metal joints. Therefore, even if it is used for practice bathing, the joints of the model will not rust or be damaged. The full-featured simulator can sit on the bed without support. The limbs can move like normal people. The head move freely. The fingers and toes are made of soft plastic and can be separated for easy cleaning by conventional methods
With the help of our patient care model, you can practice various nursing skills, such as basic cleaning care; injections in various parts; mouth and nose tracheal intubation; male and female catheterization; simple cardiopulmonary resuscitation, etc. We have attached a unique bed sore & trauma module for teaching and training of bed sore care & trauma assessment and care. We also give away a storage bag to facilitate the storage of nursing models
Nursing Training Manikin is Life Size(170cm/5.5ft), realistic flexibility of limbs and joints, various positions can be realized, can simulate bathing and changing clothes for patients in bed. In the abdominal cavity there are anatomical important organ structures, and a simulated bladder and other organs can be observed. Standard anatomy, helpful for learning