WYDDDARY 1.9 Cu Ft Vacuum Drying Oven 50-250℃ Temperature Control Vacuum Oven Digital Lab Oven 110V PID Adjustable Output 14”x14”x16” BlueJanuary 31, 2024

Price: $1,445.00
(as of Jan 31, 2024 20:22:37 UTC – Details)

【Parameter】Power: 110V/60Hz; Output: 1400W; Temperature range: 50~250℃; Temperature fluctuation: ±1℃; Vacuum degree: <133Pa; Dwelling timer range: 1-9999 minutes; Chamber dimensions: 16x14x14″ /40.6*35.6*35.6cm(WxDxH); The quantity of the shelves: 2; Pumping rate of matching vacuum pump: 2L; Weight: 150lbs/68kg
【Temp-controlling System】Temperature control using microcomputer intelligent digital technology , with PID self-tuning function. Its output power is adjustable and the temperature measuring errors can be corrected with timing function available. Besides, there are light alarm and automatic cut-off when the preset safe temperature is exceeded
【Vacuum Pumping System】The vacuum pumping function of the vacuum drying oven is effective in reducing drying time for samples that do not dry easily. Compared with normal drying that relies on air circulation, powdered samples are not blown or moved by moving air, making it safer to use
【Dual layer Glass Door】The dual layer observation window with tempered safety glass allows you to observe the objects in the working chamber at a glance, and has a good heat insulation effect. It can avoid burning the operator
【Material&Application】The vacuum oven body is made of cold rolled steel plate with electrostatic powder spraying on the surface, the layer is hard and firm, and has strong embroidery resistance. Workshop is stainless steel plate, smooth, smooth, easy to clean. This device is used for drying and heating processes under vacuum conditions at laboratories in enterprises, schools and scientific institutions